Sometimes I wonder if the things I think I am saying in court actually get heard by anyone outside my own head. The reason I wonder is that occasionally I will make a compelling, impassioned, thoughtful presentation to the court and it seems to make no impression whatsoever.

Last Friday, however, I argued that my client's relatively minor criminal behavior (Operating Without a License) should not result in the 14 month probation revocation the District Attorney told the judge was appropriate.

Certainly, when a person is on probation they should take particular care not to break the law. (Or at least not to get caught breaking the law.) But more than a year in prison for driving without a license (in her defense – on a Learner's Permit) seemed pretty harsh to me.

The judge agreed and sentenced my client to even less time than I suggested, and terminated her probation. So my client will walk out of jail completely free from the clutches of the criminal justice system.

If she can keep out of trouble, she will be able to remain free. 

AuthorJonathan Handelman