Last week I met with a new client at the prison (he was charged with Trafficking in Prison Contraband...don't do it).

He realized his case is not a strong one for trial because at least five different corrections officers saw the drug hand off from his visitor to him, it was caught on video, and the drugs fell out of his pocket when he was arrested by the officers.

Nevertheless, he mentioned a somewhat unrealistic sentence as what he was hoping I could manage for him. He based it on a sentence he "heard a lady got this month" where the person got a fully-suspended sentence on several felony counts of trafficking. Usually I tell my clients not to believe what they hear from other inmates. 

But in this case it was all true because the client was mine.

I tried to explain it was a different charge, different set of facts, different client situation. Unfortunately I think all he heard was "blah blah blah blah blah." 

AuthorJonathan Handelman