Earlier this week I made a sentencing argument on behalf of a client charged with Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drugs. The prosecutor wanted her to serve 90 days in jail. He was unwilling to acknowledge that my client, who has a history of struggling with addiction, was not using the pills to get high. Instead, she was unable to get a prescription for a serious medical issue and turned to an acquaintance for four pills to kill the pain. Ultimately, she got a doctor to prescribe essentially the same drugs and has been using the prescription properly ever since.

We made the argument to the judge that more jail would not have any positive impact. Instead it would cause the client to lose her job, her house, her car. The judge agreed and sentenced her to a very reasonable 15 days in county jail. The client gets to keep her job and keep her life on track. It was a very satisfying outcome.

AuthorJonathan Handelman