During the last legislative session, several motor vehicle laws were changed, adding new categories and increasing some penalties.:


     Texting While Driving
    A driver who is cited for texting while driving will receive a $250 minimum fine for a first time violation and a $500 fine on a second or subsequent offense within three years. In addition, texting violations will now include a 30-day license suspension on a second offense; a 60-day suspension on a third offense; and a 90-day suspension on a fourth or subsequent violation.  These suspension periods are mandatory, without a right to a hearing. 
     OUI Penalties Increase
    The suspension period for an Operating Under the Influence (OUI) offender with three or more previous offenses within 10 years has been increased from six years to eight years.
    The license of a person with four or more OUI offense may be eligible for early reinstatement after serving four years of the suspension period if an approved ignition interlock device (IID) is installed for a period of four years.



AuthorJonathan Handelman